Often the simplest things work the best. This applies to managing people as well. And when it comes to leadership, the smallest of comments can make all the difference.

There is beauty in simplicity.

There is beauty in simplicity. Image source: Andrew McAlpine.

Here are 25 valuable things to say to your team:

1.      Great job.

2.      What worked?

3.      What didn’t work?

4.      What did you learn?

5.      Thank you.

6.      You can do it.

7.      What are the benefits of that approach?

8.      What are the drawbacks of that approach?

9.      What do you think?

10.   How can I support you?

11.   What do you want me to do more of? Less of? Keep doing? Stop doing?

12.   I believe in you.

13.   What motivates you?

14.   Well done.

15.   You’re doing great.

16.   No. (sometimes you just have to say no!)

17.   How are you? (and mean it, genuinely)

18.   You are so good at….

19.   (After discussing an area for development)…lets work on this together…

20.   Can I play Devil’s Advocate for a minute?…

21.   What are the unintended consequences of that…?

22.   What could be the unintended benefits of that…?

23.   I need your help.

24.   I really like it when you….because….

25.   Love your work.

What’s missing from this list? Tell me some phrases  you find elicit a great response in those you lead.  I’d love to hear your perspective.