If you’re a leader of people and you’re also time-poor (wait up, isn’t that one and the same thing?!), you should become a lover of the leadership blog.

People are reading less.

This is a frightening thought in itself, but uber-scary if you’re a leader. As John Coleman points out in his compelling HBR article, For Those Who Want to Lead, Read, reading can “catalyze insight, innovation, empathy, and personal effectiveness.”

Why is reading leadership blogs the way to go?

Blogs are short. Typically only 200-400 words, you can read a blog whilst standing in line for your morning coffee, waiting for a meeting or when professional procrastination strikes (normally around the 4pm mark, most of us are rockstars at this little ditty).

They keep you updated with the latest leadership trends. Blogs keep leaders abreast of what’s trending in leadership, without having to wade through an entire book (although there is merit in doing that too).

They are a stress buster. Yep, you better believe it. Along with practicing mindfulness, reading can relax you. One study revealed reading is the best way for stressed-out execs to relax; reading for six minutes can reduce stress by 68%!

I’ve taken some of the leg work out of it for you. You can thank me later.

Here are 3 superb leadership blogs to follow in 2016:

Leadership Freak.  Straight to the point with an edgy, list-like writing style, Dan Rockwell dishes out practical, no nonsense leadership advice on a myriad of leadership topics. Every now and again, I take umbrage to some of his word choices, but I view the fact that he gets a reaction from me as a positive thing.

Lolly Daskal.  Some of what Lolly says is so blindingly obvious and simple, you could argue its teaching you to suck eggs. But as Paulo Coelho said, “the simplest things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them”.  She also expertly brings heart into the leadership arena, which I – pardon the pun – LOVE her for.

Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin. Whilst not strictly a leadership blog per se, Seth Godin is one of this century’s leading thinkers. For those of you with ADD-like tendencies, his short ditties are sure to please.


And the 4th leadership blog you should follow if you’re not already?

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Happy reading peeps!

What are your top leadership blogs to follow in 2016? I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave your suggestions in the comments section below!