One of the best things about my job is the opportunity to learn vicariously.

Here are just 4 simple things you can start doing today to improve the cohesiveness and general all round awesomeness of your teams:

1. Cut down on email communication. Put down the mouse. Step away from the computer. Pick up the phone or better yet, get up from your desk and go and see that person.

Too many conversations (particularly ones involving conflict) are being had over email trails. Cue miscommunication, time-wasting and clogging of inboxes.

So many dramas, struggles and issues could be resolved if we spoke more and emailed less. Click here to read a good article on the do’s and don’ts of email.

2. Focus on where you are headed as a team and why. Pepper your conversations with the organisational purpose and strategy. Link what they do with why it’s important. Motivation of teams increases if people know why they are turning up to work each day and why their contribution matters.

3. Get better at seeking and giving feedback. See here for tips. Too often I see wasted potential and broken working relationships simply because honest conversations are not being had. The result? Elephants in rooms and everyone walking around (and tripping up on) the proverbial lump in the carpet.

4. Shine a spotlight on what you want to grow. Catch people doing good stuff. Notice when someone does something well and tell them. Many of us think giving genuine and authentic praise is gushy. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. Positive feedback,  when it’s genuine and timely, is likely to encourage you to do it again – am I right?

These are four things you can start doing today to become a better leader and improve your team.

You don’t need extra resources, approval or sign-off to get started.

What are you waiting for?