Meet Suzi


“What’s that?” you might be thinking?
A leadership coach helps leaders to become better leaders.

The Art of Leadership

I’m fascinated by leadership – what accomplished leadership looks like, what magic emerges when it’s present – and how leaders can get better at it.

I love learning about it, writing about it, coaching it, doing workshops on it – in fact, you could say I’m as obsessed with leadership as much as some of my friends are with shoes.

I’m on a plane most weeks, working with leaders up and down the country and when I’m not, I’m hanging out with my family in a little town called Nelson (which happens to be the sunniest city in New Zealand – don’t hate me.)

Let’s learn about leadership… together

I’ve been a leader and senior executive myself and have the scars and badges of honour to prove it. I’ve worked alongside CEOs and executive teams for years and in lots of guises – from being a headhunter and practice leader for the world’s largest HR consulting firm, to an executive coach and company director of a cool little executive search firm.

I’m a leadership geek, an art lover, a music junkie and I read so much, this is what my bedside table generally looks like.



One-to-one coaching supporting CEOs and senior executives to become more self-aware, better communicators, manage stress and embody the pillars of great leadership.



Want to facilitate change? Inspire your teams? Embed learning? We create customised
leadership workshops to inspire, educate and motivate your teams.



Are you looking for a speaker to engage and enlighten your audience? Suzi is a dynamic and captivating professional speaker who knows how to inspire Kiwi leaders to perform at their best.



Suzi’s one-to-one coaching for senior executives has been proven to improve leadership performance and capability.

Our organisation has utilised Suzi’s services, both in her capacity as a one-on-one Executive Coach and as a facilitator with our Senior Leadership team. Her approach is engaging, thought provoking and refreshing and we highly recommend her to any organisation seeking to aid the development of their Senior Management teams.

Martin Byrne, CEO, Port Nelson

I’ve been working with Suzi in her capacity as both coach and mentor. Suzi has led a programme of work to help develop my team’s leadership effectiveness. I’ve enjoyed her pragmatic approach, her experience, leading thinking and her strong interpersonal skills. Suzi is an effective facilitator who is intuitive and is able to articulate in a way that resonates with her audience. I’ve valued the work that Suzi has done with us and I’ve found her fantastic to work with.

Travis Atkinson, Executive General Manager, NZI

I find my regular catch-ups with Suzi hugely beneficial. I constantly have too much on my plate resulting in feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control. Suzi is a breath of fresh air, and has the ability to ask questions that cut through any confusion, getting me back on track and arming me with tools to take on the next challenge! I thoroughly recommend her as a mentor/coach to dramatically increase the effectiveness of any busy executive or person.

Shane Anselmi, Managing Director, Overland Footwear Ltd