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Introducing an easy to use, free support tool, designed specifically for managers

The Leader’s Digest App is a convenient, easy to use, free support tool, designed specifically for managers. With the app on your smartphone or device, you have access to round the clock leadership support – anyplace, anytime.

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“The Leader’s Digest App is designed to help people access information as and when they need to, enabling them to feel more empowered and effective in their leadership positions.” – Suzi McAlpine,  Author, The Leader’s Digest

The Leader’s Digest app offers tips for becoming a more effective leader, all in an easy-to-read way.

The Leader’s Digest App includes:
  • Leadership tools and tips at your fingertips

  • Immediate access to Suzi’s latest blog posts

  • Up-to-date access to Suzi’s recommended leadership reads

  • Free resources to share with your teams

  • Optional push notifications on new Leader’s Digest posts.