Being a leader can be incredibly rewarding.

It can also be tough and bewildering.

If you sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with the ever-increasing demands of leadership, or if you’re confused about what great leadership looks like (or how to cultivate it) you’re not alone.

Many leadership theories and practices developed in the last fifty years are now outdated. They no longer suit the world in which we lead.

Technology (in particular social media), increased global connectedness, the growing volatility and complexity organisations are experiencing – not to mention the sheer pace of change – means leadership is more challenging than ever before.

But, here’s the good news…

Effective leadership has the power to have more of a positive impact, on more people around the world, than ever before in history.

Igniting better leadership is my mission. In addition to being a powerful creative outlet, The Leader’s Digest is my vehicle for helping to raise awareness of some of the tenets of skilful leadership, whilst hopefully providing some inspiration and food for thought along the way.

I often get asked when I will be writing a book and I’ve gotta say, the book is definitely brewing (thanks so much for all your encouragement by the way) but in the meantime, I’ve written an eBook as a free resource for any leader or manager.

This eBook outlines 8 cornerstones of great leadership – providing you with simple, practical tips and tools you can start implementing right now, to improve your leadership. Download it, share it with your teams and of course, encourage your fellow leaders to read it.