Interview Skill Coaching

Customised interview coaching for executive roles.

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Customised interview coaching for executive roles

Prevent the hiring mistakes that cost companies millions every year

Providing training on such a critical business skill can save considerable time and money in the long run. Even managers experienced in interviewing can benefit from learning best practices and additional techniques.The result will be more focused, productive interviews and more importantly, better hiring decisions based on the position’s and organisation’s specific needs.

Hands-on, results-driven training

Suzi provides hands-on, results-driven training and coaching to help you turn your hiring managers into masterful interviewers. This is offered by way of half-day and full-day on-site seminars that provide focused training on key job interview skills. The interview skills workshops can be tailored to fit with your specific selection processes, competency frameworks and business needs. The workshops can also be customised to focus on the special needs of specific industries and professions.

Participants in these workshops:

  • Learn techniques for creating the right questions from job descriptions

  • Understand how to efficiently prepare for each job interview — from analysing the resume, to selecting the questions, to identifying areas to probe, to effective documentation

  • Master the art of questioning and probing

  • Review the legal factors that every manager must know

  • Understand best practices for behavioural interviewing

  • Learn how to spot red flags and danger signs

  • Gain the knowledge to avoid common mistakes

  • Participate in role playing exercises to test your skills.

Maximize Your Training Results

Follow up individual coaching can also be provided for any or all of your managers. This added post-training support helps managers apply their new skills to achieve long-lasting results on the job.

The tools and skills to perform your best

Regardless of your level of seniority or whether you are applying for a role with your current employer (or another), interviews can be nerve racking experiences. The interview can be the difference between securing the role you want or being overlooked. A coaching session with Suzi can ensure you enter an interview armed with the tools and skills to perform at your best.

Suzi partners with individuals to share tools which can:

  • Ensure you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the interview process
  • Help predict the focus of the interview questions from a job description or advertisement
  • Prepare strong, well thought out answers to interview questions
  • Identify your skills, strengths and natural talents and ensure you are self assured in speaking about them
  • Confidently and articulately discuss your career history
  • Develop behavioural and situational interviewing skills
  • Effectively negotiate the salary or benefits that you want
  • Help develop positive non-verbal communication.

Using mock interviews and feedback, Suzi works with clients to ensure they feel 100% prepared for any interview. An interview coaching session is tailored to suit the individual but typically involves:

  • A review of your resume and the role you are applying for
  • An outline of the typical components of a job interview
  • Common interview methods used, so you know what to expect
  • A mock interview
  • An interview debrief outlining strengths and weaknesses in your interview style
  • Tips for putting your best foot forward
  • A second mock interview so you can apply what you have learned.
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