If you’ve ever been the recipient of someone giving you their full, undivided attention, you’ll know what a gift this can be.

The Gift of Your Attention

And if the person offering you their attention is your boss, or someone who can influence your career success, the response can be significantly greater.

But, the simple act of giving one’s full attention to another person is a very rare jewel.

Here are 4 reasons why giving people your full undivided attention when you’re with them is worth it’s weight in gold:

1. We hear what is being said. It seems obvious, but if we are preoccupied with checking our phone, glancing at our email or if our eyes are constantly skirting around the room, we can miss vital subtle clues, as well as not fully comprehending what the other person is trying to communicate.

2. It makes them feel heard and valued. I won’t teach you to suck eggs as to why this is good for your team to feel this way – not to mention the benefits to you and the organisation.

3. It is a practice of mindfulness. Click here to see why practicing mindfulness is the bomb.

4. It builds relationships. When we know someone is listening to us with full intent, it builds trust, and in a personal or professional setting, trust is the lifeblood of all relationships. Building a culture of trust is even more vital in today’s ever changing corporate environment – click here for more on this topic.

People will always compete for your attention. That’s part of being the big cheese.

But along with listening, giving others our full, undivided attention when we are with them is one of the simplest, most beneficial and impactful acts leaders can practice.

Are you (and your team members) giving others your full attention?

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