Find some, keep them, show gratitude to them.

Many busy executives (and I’m not just talking about women) are unable to conduct their role successfully without having some kick ass support behind the scenes.

There’s no wisdom in trying to do it all.  These are the people in your life who (often quietly and unassumingly) go about oiling the wheels, helping to make it all happen, so you can “do your thang”.

Today’s post is a tribute to mine – and a call to you to identify and thank yours.

Here are just a handful of my special peeps…

Julieann – aka best cleaner/baker/housekeeper in the world (well Nelson at least).

This woman is truly unbelievable. With three kids, a business which takes me out of town at least one day a week, and a husband with an equally busy career, knowing the house stuff is taken care of by Julieann is such a relief.

Les – taxi driver by day and moonlighting motorbike fiend by night.


Les is such a dude. He picks me up and ferries me around Wellington each week, often sharing pearls of wisdom or an oasis of quiet calm as he carefully navigates through the crazy Wellington streets, safely delivering me to every one of my back to back appointments. 

Emily – babysitter extraordinaire!

I simply couldn’t do my job without extra child care, and knowing my kids are with someone I know I can trust is hugely important. Emily is a gem. She also enables my hubby and I to spend quality time together, which is so essential, but can easily be heaped in the “too hard basket”.

Rebecca – my amazing accountant.

I am crap at (and hate) anything to do with finances. Rebecca is the opposite. Not only is she completely lovely, she is also really good at what she does. Thanks for your patience Rebecca and for taking the load off!

Amy – my PR chick

If you’ve been following this blog, you know Amy is the other half of the Leader’s Digest. Not only is she my comms manager, she’s also one of my best friends, supporting me both professionally and personally.



I wasn’t going to put him in as he is a busy senior executive himself, and there’s no way in a month of Sundays anyone could describe this dude as “behind the scenes”.

But, he’s the bomb when it comes to doing his (more than fair share) of running our household, parenting and generally supporting me in what I do.  I couldn’t do what I do without ya, Douggie x

I encourage you to take the time to thank your peeps who do what they do, to help you do what you do. They are worth their weight in gold.