Holidays are great.

Holidays on your own are something else.

I was worried I’d be lonely on my first solo holiday to the other side of the world. Heck, truth be told, I was worried about a million and one things, not just loneliness.

There have been difficult moments…

The body search for explosives at Houston Airport.

The panicked two-hour wait at San Jose airport, when my driver and I got our times mixed up.

The worse than normal jet lag that’s made just making it to my next destination seem like a climb to the top of Mt Everest.

BUT I’m only two days in and man…


There’s a sense of ‘coming home’ to…something with a capital S.

The silence.

The heat.

The rainforest.

Maybe it’s just the warm massaging breeze, gently washing away my insecurities.

The Costa Rican jungle is definitely working its magic.

So, if you ever feel somehow disconnected or just plain tired, take a holiday with yourself, by yourself.

Do it. Even if it’s just been a while since you enjoyed your own company. Spending time alone is so important if you want to fill up the tank, reset your inner compass and get to know yourself better.

Costa Rica is teaching me that…

You can be alone and not lonely.

You can be alone and feel more connected than you’ve ever thought possible.

You can be alone and just, be.

Pura Vida.