Drum roll please…!

Introducing The Leader’s Map: The Online Accelerator Programme for Emerging Leaders

To all my long-time or new Leader’s Digest readers, I’m SUPER excited today to announce the launch of my online leadership training programme, The Leader’s Map.

If you’ve been following my blog, and because you’re a leader yourself, you’ll be well aware of the growing number of challenges that leaders face today. Leading in an increasingly complex and volatile environment means you need more support than ever to succeed. Yet research continues to show our organisations are failing to train leaders with the necessary skills to succeed. Too often, people are thrust into positions of leadership without being given the skills and tools to flourish at it.  As a leadership coach, I’ve seen this first hand. And this is what motivated me to develop a solution to fill this leadership development gap.

The Leader’s Map is an online based programme developed for your emerging and mid-level leaders. Decades of experience working with leaders in all manner of professions and industries means I understand the specific challenges facing this pivotal leadership group, as well as the strategies which enable their success. It’s these strategies, and more, which create the eight core modules of The Leader’s Map.

What does The Leader’s Map provide?

  • A flexible online learning environment with a blended approach to leadership learning
  • A programme which is fully customisable to your organisation
  • Downloadable tools, resources, video lessons and more
  • The choice of ‘in person’ Masterclass workshops

What are the outcomes?

  • Improved leadership knowledge and skill in your emerging leaders
  • Cost effective leadership learning for your organisation
  • Increased skills in coaching, performance management, and leading change – as well as other imperative leadership tools for your emerging and mid-level managers

To learn more about The Leader’s Map, and to find out how it can set up your emerging and mid-level leaders for success, visit The Leader’s Map website or contact me at [email protected].