I’m super excited.

And I mean pre-teen-girl, squealing, jumping up and down excited.

Let me introduce you to the second member of McAlpine Coaching – Jane Grenfell, Executive Assistant Extraordinaire!

Myself (left) and Jane.

There is common wisdom which says to surround yourself with people who are really good at the things you’re not.

Well, if paperwork, administration, and anything to do with organising my calendar is my nemesis, then it’s Jane’s department with a capital D.

You know you’ve landed yourself a great EA, when on day two she’s already completed all my requested tasks, then gone above and beyond #inititaiveplus and come up with several recommendations for improvement. All delivered in such a warm, almost apologetic way. It just makes me want to hug her.

Jane is a busy mum too, so together we will lead the way in flexible working practices (stay tuned for some blogs on this topic!).

I am looking forward to focussing on coaching and leadership development with my clients and building The Leader’s Digest as a platform.

Meanwhile, Jane will be dealing (very effectively) to a multitude of other threads, helping to keep me on top of my game and ensuring McAlpine Coaching is performing at an optimal level. Heck, she’s already doing that.

Apart from Jane’s phenomenal work-based skills, she’s also a bit of a fashionista. I’m constantly having bag, shoes and clothes envy. So, wardrobe inspiration is just another perk to hiring this woman!

Introducing Jane has also highlighted the realisation my coaching business is expanding. Even if it is only baby steps.

Not only is The Leader’s Digest surpassing our expectations in terms of growth, the leadership coaching arm has flourished more than I ever imagined.

I’m so grateful to my clients, my peeps and to you, our readers, for sharing this journey with me…with us.