For the last two days I have been struck with a horrendous case of writer’s block. Right now I should be preparing my talk for a conference I’m speaking at next month. But the words, they just ain’t comin’.

Actually, it’s not reaallly writers block. If I’m brutally honest, it’s a confidence crisis, combined with a liberal dose of perfectionism.

You know what’s ironic? Just a few days ago I wrote a blog post on fear. Now I’m gripped with stomach wrenching panic at the thought of doing a bad job, not being good enough, sounding stupid  – or worse, boring.

Cue, the VOICE OF DOOOOOOM (adopt Rasputin from Anastasia voice when saying this).

But as my Dad (a keen sailor) always says, “you cannot direct the wind, but you can always trim the sails”.  In this case, my ‘trimming the sails’ is to do something about this writers block and confidence crisis, rather than remaining the frozen rabbit in the headlights.

What now?

1.Start writing anyway. Even if it’s a shitty first draft. As Louis L’Amour said, “Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

2. Open up a little file I have in my email inbox entitled “Inspiration and Stuff to Read When Having a REALLY Bad Day”. Thoroughly recommend this one. When I get an email from someone thanking me for the coaching we’ve done together, or a comment on The Leader’s Digest saying how much it resonated, I file that little puppy in said email file. Add to that uplifting quotes or stories, notes from my children saying they love me, or a kind word from a friend. You get the picture.

Sometimes it helps.
Sometimes the inner critic is too loud.

3. When all else fails, I go into my garden and lie flat on the ground. I look up at the clouds. And I think about love.

What works for you to quieten the Voice of Doom, or unlock writers block?  I’d love to hear…