Given today is World Poetry Day, today’s Leader’s Digest Blog is not surprisingly, a poem.

The following poem, written by a friend and client of mine, is about leadership.

Thank you, Adam, for allowing me to share your gift with others.

 The Yearning – by Adam Cooper 

The river takes a new bend

And a new horizon unfolds

A long gaze.

A deep breath.

A yearning.

Not for certainty, not for fame

But for something deeper that will sustain.

A yearning for insight – to know the real me

And for grace – to let me be.

A yearning to notice, to reflect with heart

And for courage to act, to play my part.

A yearning for vision – to really see

Not only what is, but what could be.

A yearning to find potential in those I know

And for the wisdom and diligence to help it grow.

 World Poetry Day - The Leader's Digest, by Suzi McAlpine