The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, like most transformational technologies, is both exciting and a little bit scary from a leadership perspective. In one recent Fortune 500 study, over 80% of chief executives cited artificial intelligence or machine learning as either extremely important or very important to their company’s future success.

So as a leader, it’s vital you get head around the opportunities and the implications of AI.

But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! Recently I had the privilege to sit down with one of New Zealand’s foremost experts in AI, Josh Comrie, Co-Founder and CEO of Ambit. Ambit is a New Zealand-owned AI technology company that specialises in chat bot development.

Some of the topics we talked about include:

  • Opportunities in the health sector
  • Fears and how to stay relevant
  • Myths and realities
  • Opportunities for organisations/businesses
  • AI and transparency
  • Opportunities for society
  • AI and creativity
  • Starting an AI business

See below for a video on each topic (each video includes a 1 minute introduction, so if you watch more than one video you can skip past this intro to get to the good stuff!)

AI opportunities in the health sector (Video length: 5 minutes)


AI fears and staying relevant (Video length: 5 minutes)


AI myths and realities (Video length: 5 minutes)


AI opportunities for organisations (Video length: 4 minutes)


AI and transparency (Video length: 2 minutes)


AI opportunities for society (Video length: 4 minutes)


AI and creativity (Video length: 3 minutes)


Starting an AI business (Video length: 6 minutes)