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If you’re anything like me you will look forward to a bit of ‘TED time’.  Just the right mix of inspiration and relaxation, listening to the variety of insightful talks at TED is a small pleasure I have come to savour.

Because of this, I have decided to make TED reviews a regular feature at The Leader’s Digest.

Click on the video above to hear Barry Scwartz speak about the call for ‘practical wisdom’ in the current bureaucratic business environment.  Scwartz argues everyday wisdom is the vital ingredient in helping to rebuild a world entrenched with rules and regulations that so often fail us.

I found his perspective intriguing because he espouses the power of words not often found in business like ‘virtue,’ ‘kindness,’ ‘improvisation’ and ‘moral skills’.

I hope you enjoy sharing my series of TED talks with your teams and colleagues.  Similarly, if you would like to recommend any I would love to hear from you.