A year ago today I published my first blog.

Don’t you just love the paradox of journeys? They can turn out just as we expected and yet nothing like we thought.

What started out as a way of building the brand profile of my coaching business and establishing thought leadership has happened…and so, so much more. It has been the most intensely creative outlet. And at times a cathartic process. An opportunity to reflect and gain my own clarity.

Here are some of the key lessons I have learned (and continue to learn) as I carry on my blogging journey.

1. Being Consistent. All the top bloggers say it and its true. Regular posting is important. When we build a following our readers expect the little email that pops up in their inbox, notifying them of a new post. We owe it to them to continue. Posting content consistently also helps to attract more followers and elevate web search rankings. Google likes fresh content, so it’s a great way of elevating SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

2. Writing when inspiration hits. The best ideas and topics have come to me at the strangest times. When I have had inspiration to write and just ‘let it flow’, these have always been the best posts.

3. Have a great partner. Someone who knows about the technical aspects of blogging and can hold your hand throughout the process. I take care of content and Amy takes care of everything else.

4. Focus on content. Speak from the heart. Be willing to experiment and be courageous. And don’t be afraid to have an opinion. All the greatest bloggers express their thoughts openly. This is the beauty of blogging – it’s a vehicle for personal expression.

5. Accept vulnerability. Know that you will get that whole vulnerability hangover thing each time you post. Every time I post something, I still have self doubt. Is it any good? Will anyone read it? Hell, I don’t want anyone to read it?! Who am I to say any of this? I don’t know anything about leadership. You get the drift…

When someone first said to me you should write a blog, despite being a complete technophobe (to be completely honest I didn’t even really know what it was), I had such a resounding positive gut feeling to say “yes”, that it was almost a no choice situation.

And it has proved to be such a cool, cool project. I just hope you have also enjoyed it and I want to thank you for joining me on the ride…here’s to many more adventures ahead. And a celebratory toast!