Leading by Example

Leadership is not just about having the right team. It’s about being able to form, build and motivate high performing teams to deliver on the strategic goals of your organisation.

Suzi McAlpine Leadership works with those tasked with leading to master everything they will need to be, and remain, a world-class leader. We help you apply the most effective leadership strategies to support and guide your teams to succeed.


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All Levels of Leadership

We understand the pressures and challenges that come with leadership from lived experience. Our leadership programmes have been specifically designed to address current and emerging challenges. We help leaders find their feet, gain confidence, build their leadership capability and become the leaders they aspire to be.

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Meet Suzi

Founder Suzi McAlpine understands all too well the challenges, complexities and nuances of leadership.

Having been a leader and senior executive herself, Suzi was a head-hunter, executive coach and a practice leader for a division at the world’s largest executive search and HR consulting firm. In 2011, she started Suzi McAlpine Leadership to facilitate clarity, direction and optimal performance for leaders and their teams. Today, Suzi continues to offer executive coaching, executive team coaching and to share her experiences and insights through a busy speaking practice.

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Leaders share their experiences

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Meet the Team

Experts in igniting all levels of leadership

Each member of our team is chosen because they are relatable and down to earth, as well as having the wealth of experience to tackle significant topics and issues in ways that enable real progress, and lift leadership in different organisations.

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