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Suzi McAlpine understands leadership. She is a leader herself; thinks and writes about leadership; works with and alongside other leaders every day. Suzi offers specific, practical and inspiring advice based on her own experiences and her deep working knowledge of what leaders in this country and beyond are facing.

After a highly successful career working for OCG Consulting and Futurestep, a division of Korn Ferry, Suzi established her own business to help others master everything they will need to be, and remain, a world-class leader. Her thesis: that we all have a lot to learn, and be proud of, from leading in New Zealand.

In her presentations, Suzi shares how leaders can best synthesise global learnings and trends with specific market insights to lead in distinctive and effective ways. “Learning down” from macro insights, and “learning up” from what it takes to succeed in a country like New Zealand, Suzi focuses on helping leaders acquire, amplify and apply the skills they need at each stage of their leadership career.

Her authentic, practical and inspiring approach makes the issues and challenges of leadership relatable to very different audiences. Suzi regularly speaks at a variety of public and private organisational events, both online and in person, across a wide spectrum of industries. Recent engagements have included presentations to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons conference in Bangkok, Auckland Airport, The Emerging Leaders’ Summit, Hutt City Council, PMAANZ, Fonterra and Air New Zealand.

If powerful and effective leadership is a priority for your organisation, don’t miss the opportunity to share time with one of New Zealand’s leading lights in this space.


Leadership is not one thing. New thinking and approaches are emerging all the time that can inform your wider leadership approach. At a personal level, different leaders have different challenges and different priorities, depending on what they are tasked with and their own levels of leadership experience. Suzi’s background means she can tailor a presentation to directly address specific concerns, priorities and opportunities.

Beyond Burnout

Based on key learnings from her book Beyond Burnout, this presentation deals frankly and positively with the issue of burnout and how to address it. This talk shows leaders and organisations how to spot the signs of burnout, how to address it when it’s present and perhaps most importantly, how we can reduce it in our workplaces.

A powerful and personal address for organisations committed to protecting the wellbeing of their people.


Critical Leadership Qualities

If the last several years have shown us anything, it’s that rapid and unpredictable change is unprecedented. You might have heard of the nifty little acronym VUCA. Well, It’s on steroids right now. These are complicated crises that are interrelated. So what leadership qualities do we need to cultivate? What leadership muscles do we need to build to meet these challenges? Based on global research and 20 years working with leaders from a variety of sectors and levels, this interactive session outlines the cornerstones of skilled leadership - and provides your leadership participants with simple, practical tips and tools they can start implementing - right now - to improve their leadership practice in these areas.


Feedback and Coaching

The art of giving receiving and seeking feedback – and coaching – are superpowers in leadership. The benefits to not only teams, but also leaders, are well documented. And so the best leaders are purposeful in improving their skills in both feedback and coaching. This interactive webinar or in person speaking engagement looks at what they are, why they are important and how to improve your skills in both. Note: this presentation can be on either feedback, or coaching, or both.



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