4 expert tips to propel your neurodivergent superstars

Did you know that 15-20% of the population globally are neurodivergent?

Chances are, you’ve led, will lead or are currently leading someone neurodivergent. Or maybe it’s you personally that finds it challenging to work in a traditional or neurotypical way?

Recently I asked The Leader's Digest subscribers what leadership topics they wanted me to explore.

Guess what topic was the most popular?

How can leaders create inclusive and supportive work environments for neurodivergent employees?

I’m curious to know more about leading neurodivergent individuals too, so I got in touch with Julie Cockerill, founder and CEO of Lemon Co.

Julie is an executive leadership coach, transformational HR consultant and “proud ADHD-er”. She’s on a mission to transform modern workplaces so that they can be more inclusive and supportive places for everyone – no matter how their brains work.

Check out my interview with Julie below, where she answers these questions to help you understand, support and propel your neurodivergent superstars:

  1. What is neurodivergence and what are some common types of neurodivergence?
  2. What are some of the most common challenges that neurodivergent individuals face in traditional workplace settings?
  3. What unique strengths and perspectives do neurodivergent individuals often bring to a team or organisation and how can leaders better identify and leverage these strengths in the workplace?
  4. What strategies or policies can leaders implement to better support neurodivergent employees?

If you want to gain comprehensive neurodiversity education and build a neurodiverse-inclusive workplace, get in touch with Julie here: [email protected]


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